On Thursday, October 20, your student will be taking the ELA Guidebooks Assessment. Previously, all students at CMS have taken the LEAP test for ELA at the end of the school year. However, the new ELA Guidebooks Assessment, which is part of the Innovative Assessment Program (IAP), focuses on books and topics that your student has studied in class.

Here is a brief explanation from the State website:
What is unique about the assessment is that is measures the knowledge students learned in the ELA Guidebooks units and provides information about student performance throughout the year. This means the results can be used in conjunction with the student's performance on instructional activities completed during the unit to better understand student progress. 

For students who participate in all three windows of the assessment, the ELA Guidebooks Assessment will take the place of a student's participation in the spring end-of-year LEAP 2025 ELA testing. 

Since the test measures student performance throughout the year, the cumulative results will not be available until August. The end-of-year report will reflect the data from all three windows and will include an achievement level identifying your student's overall ELA performance. The performance levels will be similar to the achievement levels used to describe student performance on the LEAP 2025 ELA test.

In the meantime, the information on the end-of-unit reports can provide teachers and parents with some information about their students' success with the unit assessed. Most importantly, it can help teachers support students as they encounter future ELA Guidebooks units.